Sacred Groves: Peace at Home – Ragas live broadcast –
I would like to let you know about a new project: Sacred Groves: Peace at Home. My friend Joel Veena and I have been experimenting with playing ragas together through Skype and recording our sessions. These sessions are then live-streamed over Facebook Live and uploaded to YouTube.

Music is a healer. This is what we do and we hope that it offers you some comfort, some peace and in general positivity. Mood and mindset is a big part of health! And this is the specialty of Indian classical music. You can bookmark this page and each time a new performance will be broadcast or has been uploaded for viewing, the page will be updated with the links to watch. I will also be sending out brief reminders on the mailing list when we’re about to go live. If you miss it live, no worries, it will be there still on Facebook and I will upload the video to YouTube shortly after. Again, you do not need a Facebook account to watch live videos! Just head over to and scroll down to ‘POSTS’ and you will see the latest live videos. The next Peace at Home broadcast will be March 26, 9am IST that’s…11:30pm EDT – 10:30pm CDT – 8:30pm PDT
Take Care please: Kees and Joel (SacredGroves)